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Free printables for Christmas relaxation

Thursday 11/30/17 time 1:40 PM

Here are three free printable Xmas coloring pages for you. Use #paivivesala_art when sharing on Instagram to get featured.

Click the images below and print. Enjoy! :)

paivivesala-printable-coloringpage-0002_small.jpg paivivesala-printable-coloringpage-0009_small.jpg paivivesala-printable-coloringpage-0003_small.jpg

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Print, color and share love

Tuesday 10/3/17 time 1:39 PM

paivivesala_printable_coloring_bookmarks_01.jpg"Where is love, there is life."
- Mahatma Gandhi.

If I had to say what is the most important thing in life, I would say love. I believe that if we could face all people and situations with love and compassion we would have peace and harmony in our beautiful planet.

Love is in details. You can spread love with little, kind acts. Nice words, smile and hug are small but powerful things. They are also free and easy to share.

I want to give some love to you with these printable coloring bookmarks. Print, color and share the love onward! Also you can color these with your favorite colors and use them when reading books.

<< Just click the image and print!

I hope you will feel that warm and joyful love which I’m emitting to you.

Do you want more FREE coloring pages to your mailbox?


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