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Welcome to the happy place of coloring!

Do you feel stressed and exhausted? Do you suffer from anxiety?

Relieve stress by coloring Mental Images!

The lines and forms in Mental Images coloring books are designed to calm your mind and make you feel better.

You will find joy, calmness and serenity when you color these images. They are also meant to strengthen your positive thinking and inner power.

Lovely lines and adorable shapes are my passion. I find inspiration for my drawings from fells and forests of Northern Finland, from frosty and snowy polar nights, from misty and calm midnight sun.

In the deepest forests near the Arctic Circle I can hear the heart beat of the universe. It reminds me that we are all one and it makes me believe in the kindness of mankind. This feeling is something I wish to bring to you through my coloring images.

Mental Images coloring books radiate positive attitude. You can find yourself and express yourself by coloring these books. There are plenty of different pages to do with your favourite colors. There are very detailed images and also simple ones. You can find suitable image for any state of mind you have. There are no limitations with coloring Mental Images.

Release your creativity and feel the instant calmness of coloring!