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Mental Color Palette 10 - Calm down your irritation

Wednesday 5/10/17 time 12:15 PM

If you feel annoyed, for whatever reason, this is the color palette for getting over it.

These colors are very sensitive and they will calm down your heated feelings little by little. They will help you to get rid of mental debris and negative thoughts and they will help you to think more clearly.

This palette is very balancing. When you color with this palette you start looking at things differently and put them into perspective. Thus your anger will fade away and will be replaced by serenity and peace.

Mental Color Palette 10 - Calm down your irritation
Book: Mental Images vol 2 coloring book

Find a picture which brings you joy and is quite simple to color too. When you feel irritated you propably cannot concentrate on very small details. Try to spread colors peacefully and remember to breath deeply.

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