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How to use alcohol markers to make your coloring look like a painting

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:31 PM


Using alcohol markers you can quickly and easily make your coloring look like a painting. Use neighboring tones and spread the colors in layers.

There are only two different shades in the cherry blossom petals here - pink and lilac. Here is how it is done:

1. Color the parts of the flower closest to its center with a darker tone. Then color the small areas at end of the petals with a lighter tone.

2. Color the petals entirely with the lighter tone.

3. Make a couple of layers of different sizes close to the flower's center. Finalize with a touch of the darker tone.

Be sure to let the previous phase to dry before continuing.

The background of the flying fish image was colored with neighboring tones. Coloring strokes were made parallel to the droplets. Shades were colored overlapping, so that the tones mingle softly.

tussimaalaus-1.JPG tussimaalaus-3.JPG tussimaalaus-4.JPG

Pens: Touchfive, Promarker and Finecolour markers
Book: Mental Images vol 1

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