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5 reasons why coloring helps in mental health issues

Wednesday 3/22/17 time 3:10 PM

If you are suffering from any kind of mental issues, I am quite sure that coloring will give you at least some relief. Keep coloring books, pens and pencils always available so that it is easier to start coloring, even if you feel totally exhausted and depressed.

You do not have to color for a long time or color complicated pictures to get the good effects of coloring. If you have not colored before, please, at least give it a try. Choose a picture which feels good to you and is more or less simple.


Book: Mental Images vol 2 Pens: gel pens

You might ask why you should color if you suffer from a mental health issue. I will give you five reasons.

1. Coloring balances your mind

Coloring is like meditation. You can really clear your mind when you focus on the color and on the movement of your hand. Coloring enables you to be present in the moment, which makes it easier to be aware of your thoughts and then let them go.

2. Beautiful images will uplift your mood

All beauty around us will lift our moods. When you are looking at a nice picture while coloring, you will feel better from the very first moment. Lovely lines and wonderful shapes nurture your heart and mind.

3. You can get rid of negative thoughts

It is easier to think positive when you do something that you enjoy. When you look at a nice picture and choose nice colors you can change your thoughts for the better, too, little by little.

4. An easy way to feel yourself successful

Anyone can color, and it is an easy way of seeing your handiwork. It feels good to see that you really did something very pretty all by yourself. If you think you do not know how to color, you can use the color palettes to ease your color choises. For example Zen Garden color palettes are good for balancing your mind.

5. Colors will heal your mind

It is not insignificant what colors you choose when coloring. Color is electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum of light. This radiation effects not only your brains but also your whole body. And of course it has a huge impact on your mind. Every color has its own wavelength and so every color affects us in a different way.

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