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Mental color palette 7 - For headache

Thursday 4/27/17 time 10:44 AM

If you are suffering from a headache, this color palette can bring you relief.

These colors will cool down your mind and make your body more relaxed. They relax your tensions and thus relieve the pain. Overall, this palette is extremely healing.

This color combination is like an ice bag on your forehead. It brings a very natural cure for your headache.


Mental Color Palette 7 - For headache
Book: Mental Images vol 2 coloring book

Choose a simple and peaceful picture to color. Themes of nature are very good for this purpose. Use pens or pencils which you feel comfortable and easy to color with.

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Underlay with alcohol markers, finish with gel pens

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:56 PM


You can achieve an interesting combination with alcohol markers and gel pens when you first color the whole image with markers and then, on top of that, color the details with gel pens.

The left side of the figure is made with the markers only, and the right side has been finished with gel pens.

Please note that the background color may change because of gel pens in an unexpected way. Sometimes the result might be a very marvelous shade. You should therefore try the colors on a different piece of paper first, if you do not want to be surprised.

With this technique, you can have a vivid, and to my opinion, also a more balanced outcome than you could with gel pens only.


Pens: Alcohol markers (Promarker etc) and gel pens
Book: Mental Images vol 1



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An exciting background with lines

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:36 PM


In this example the background has been hatched with alcohol pens. This requires only three different colors. Colors blend nicely on paper and new shades will form.

This technique was originated by accident, when I planned to color the background in turquoise, but the ink was just about to end.

Then I just drew lines as long as that ink lasted, and the rest of the background I hatched with other colors.

This style is especially suitable for a big, blank background, and the result is very impressive. You can create different kind of moods and depth perceptions, depending on the direction of the lines.


Pens: Touchfive markers
Book: Mental Images vol 1

IMG_0332.JPG viivat-1.JPG

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How to use alcohol markers to make your coloring look like a painting

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:31 PM


Using alcohol markers you can quickly and easily make your coloring look like a painting. Use neighboring tones and spread the colors in layers.

There are only two different shades in the cherry blossom petals here - pink and lilac. Here is how it is done:

1. Color the parts of the flower closest to its center with a darker tone. Then color the small areas at end of the petals with a lighter tone.

2. Color the petals entirely with the lighter tone.

3. Make a couple of layers of different sizes close to the flower's center. Finalize with a touch of the darker tone.

Be sure to let the previous phase to dry before continuing.

The background of the flying fish image was colored with neighboring tones. Coloring strokes were made parallel to the droplets. Shades were colored overlapping, so that the tones mingle softly.

tussimaalaus-1.JPG tussimaalaus-3.JPG tussimaalaus-4.JPG

Pens: Touchfive, Promarker and Finecolour markers
Book: Mental Images vol 1

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How do you revive alcohol markers?

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:22 PM


When an alcohol marker has dried out, it is by no means to be thrown into the trash! There is usually still ink in it, only the solvent has dried. You can make a dried out alcohol marker fully usable with this simple little trick.

1. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a glass jar and put the marker in it, so that the tip of the pen is completely covered in liquid. Keep it there for about five minutes.

2. Put the cap of the pen back on and hold the marker tip-side down for at least two days.

3. Take the marker and color!

After recovery, the tone is usually slightly less opaque than before, but on the other hand this means you get beautiful pastel shades, which are often hard to find.

elvytys-1.JPG elvytys-22.JPGelvytys-4.JPG


This image was colored with the two markers shown in the first picture, after they had been revived.

Coloring was started in the middle of the picture, and it appears that in the beginning the tone is less opaque, but it deepens and stabilizes soon. However, the tone remains more pale than the original.


Equipment: Alcohol markers and rubbing alcohol
Book: Mental Images vol 1


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Vivid background with circle technique

Monday 11/28/16 time 2:48 PM


Coloring a large area with alcohol marker might get very boring and irritating. Here is a technique to make it fun!

I did a background full of green circles, using just one color. Let the circles dry before drawing the next one. Thus, where the circles overlap, beautiful and soft darker shades will show.

The end result is nice and vibrant, and best of all, the coloring is relaxing when you do not have to worry about the color drying out.

The cherry blossom picture I made with same technique but I used three different colors.


Pens: Touchfive and Finecolour alcohol markers
Book: Mental Images vol 1

IMG_0094.JPG IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0302.JPG

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