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Mental Color Palette 3 - For energizing

Tuesday 4/4/17 time 3:04 PM

When you want to boost your energy, try coloring with this powerful color palette. It helps you when you feel tired or feel that you do not have the energy to start doing anything.

When you color with these colors, your mind and body start to wake up and you will feel more spirited. You will get your power back and you will start feeling very much alive.


Mental Color Palette 3 - For energizing
Book: Mental Images vol 2 coloring book

The most suitable coloring pictures with this palette are the ones which have quite large and simple areas. Also very good for this purpose are the shapes that have portions heading outwards from the center, like rays.

I recommend using markers, since that way the coloring is quite quick.

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Mental Color Palette 1 - Unleash your inner child

Friday 1/20/17 time 4:38 PM

Mental Images vol 1 colouring book

Here begins a new series on my blog - Mental Color Palettes.

They are ready-made color palettes to make color choices easier. In these palettes, there is always a certain theme helping you to feel better.

The first palette is inspired by the 1960s and 70s gig and festival posters. Groovy was the word for the 1960s "cool". If something was groovy, it was (among other things) marvelous, wonderful, excellent, hip and trendy.

Use this color palette when you want to let the inner child run wild and get crazy with colors. Using these bold color combinations makes you feel very much alive and makes your creativity flow. You can do nothing but smile when you color with this palette.

Groovy colors are very rhythmic. Try them out and see what is the right rhythm for you. With this palette anything can be colored with any color! The further the color is from the reality, the groovier the result!


Mental Color Palette 1 - Unleash your inner child
Book: Mental Images vol 1 colouring book

Markers are well suited to this palette, because with them, you can color big surfaces quickly, and the colors are intense and strong. Eg. Sharpie markers have a lot of good, groovy colors. Let the colors glide on the paper, do not worry about a thing. But be careful – you can get addicted to this palette! Coloring with these colors is simply so much fun!

With this palette you will get poster-like results. While coloring, you may want to ponder what your ”poster's” message is. What does it tell you, or what is it that you want to tell the world through it.

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How do you achieve smooth surface with Sharpie markers?

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:57 PM


With Sharpie markers, (and other similar markers) you can get a very smooth surface.

The point is not that duplication should be avoided. On the contrary, the more layers you make during the coloring, the more even the surface will get. Apply the new layer always as a part of the previous one, and even on top of it. Continue that way, filling the entire surface, and there will be no unpleasant blotches.

You can also color the entire area once and then the whole area again. It does not matter if the color dries in the meanwhile.

In any case, color the paper as many times as it takes to saturate the paper. Check from the other side of the paper if it is saturated enough.

Upper area is colored with just a single layer. The lower area is colored so that the paper is saturated, which took about three layers of color.

A saturated coloring requires a little more effort, but the coloring becomes much more meaningful when the outcome is wonderfully smooth and the color has been properly absorbed into the paper.

In the finished picture clouds and the sky have been colored using a Sharpie the way I have described here. 

sharpietasainen-1.JPG sharpietasainen-2.JPG sharpietasainen-3.JPG sharpietasainen-4.JPG

Pens: Sharpie
Book: Mental Images vol 2


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How do you revive alcohol markers?

Monday 11/28/16 time 3:22 PM


When an alcohol marker has dried out, it is by no means to be thrown into the trash! There is usually still ink in it, only the solvent has dried. You can make a dried out alcohol marker fully usable with this simple little trick.

1. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a glass jar and put the marker in it, so that the tip of the pen is completely covered in liquid. Keep it there for about five minutes.

2. Put the cap of the pen back on and hold the marker tip-side down for at least two days.

3. Take the marker and color!

After recovery, the tone is usually slightly less opaque than before, but on the other hand this means you get beautiful pastel shades, which are often hard to find.

elvytys-1.JPG elvytys-22.JPGelvytys-4.JPG


This image was colored with the two markers shown in the first picture, after they had been revived.

Coloring was started in the middle of the picture, and it appears that in the beginning the tone is less opaque, but it deepens and stabilizes soon. However, the tone remains more pale than the original.


Equipment: Alcohol markers and rubbing alcohol
Book: Mental Images vol 1


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