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Mental Color Palette 10 - Calm down your irritation

Wednesday 5/10/17 time 12:15 PM

If you feel annoyed, for whatever reason, this is the color palette for getting over it.

These colors are very sensitive and they will calm down your heated feelings little by little. They will help you to get rid of mental debris and negative thoughts and they will help you to think more clearly.

This palette is very balancing. When you color with this palette you start looking at things differently and put them into perspective. Thus your anger will fade away and will be replaced by serenity and peace.

Mental Color Palette 10 - Calm down your irritation
Book: Mental Images vol 2 coloring book

Find a picture which brings you joy and is quite simple to color too. When you feel irritated you propably cannot concentrate on very small details. Try to spread colors peacefully and remember to breath deeply.

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Mental Color Palette 2 - Balance your mind

Monday 2/13/17 time 11:14 AM

This color combination is designed to balance your mind. It is especially suitable for you if you are angry or if you for some other reason feel unbalanced or are upset about something.

This palette will help you to calm your mind but at the same time it will bring you hope and joy. It reminds you to love yourself and to appreciate all the good things you have in your life. At least for the moment when you are coloring you can feel everything is fine.

This palette has a very healing effect on discomfort. These colors refresh your soul in a very gentle way. If it feels hard to start coloring because you feel bad, for whatever reasons, these are good colors to choose.


Mental Color Palette 2 - Balance your mind
Book: Mental Images vol 1 coloring book

Listen carefully yourself to know how much you need of each color. For example, if you do not feel good with pink shades, then use them sparingly. But it is important to use all the colors in the palette if you want the full impact of them.

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5 steps for getting a good night sleep - Try this secret weapon

Tuesday 12/6/16 time 6:20 PM


When it is time to go to bed at night, all kinds of thoughts begin to spin wildly and will not go away.

It is difficult to get to sleep, when the brain goes into overdrive. The mind wanders its own paths, and the body is full of energy, even though it should prepare itself to relax and calm down for sleep.

Does this sound familiar?

I have a tendency to dwell on the things on my mind at night. Falling asleep might take me hours. It is really annoying, and it puts additional strain on the already stressed mind.

Because I am crazy about coloring myself, I began to study and test how the coloring could help me to fall asleep.

As a result, I developed an easy and convenient way for all insomnia sufferers to fall asleep more easily. You should use it as regularly as possible, preferably every night.

Try the Sleep Well coloring this evening:

1. Find a coloring page where the areas are long and narrow. I am talking about an image, where you can find a kind of a stream that the pen can easily follow.

2. Take out your gel pens and pick only the dark shades of blue and violet. Blue-green shades are also good. Three to five pens are enough.

3. Put the coloring picture and the pencils ready next to the bed. Please set aside about half an hour for the coloring, which means you might want to go to the bed a little earlier than usual.

4. Choose the colors randomly. Pick the pens so that you can not see them.

5. Color at a steady pace. Let your thoughts merge with the color, one stroke at a time. Just focus on the coloring and enjoy the colors carrying you towards a good night's sleep.

Sleep well!

Pens: Gel pens
Book: Mental Images vol 1


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After a busy day, calm your mind by coloring

Monday 12/5/16 time 2:29 PM


Because you found this blog post, I think that you have a tough and busy everyday life, too. Maybe you have a demanding job, or maybe your life is burdensome in other ways.

After a hectic day your brain is on overdrove, your heart might beat irregularly, the blood pressure is high and you feel uneasy. If you get your body as well as your mind to unwind as soon as possible after your day at work, you will have the whole evening to do something more pleasurable. For example, you can have time for your hobbies, meet your friends, or do something else that you enjoy.

A good and an efficient way to calm yourself is to color.

When you focus on the coloring, you tend to turn off your unpleasant thoughts and thus your brain gets a rest. As a result, your mind as well as your body relax and calm down.

A few more tips to get additional benefits:

1) Choose a mandala or a repeating pattern that you find beautiful
2) Color it with green-toned markers or gel pens

A pleasant picture is the most important starting point. Simply by looking at the beautiful picture your mind begins to soothe, little by little.

Mandalas and repetitive patterns are the best coloring pictures to quiet the mind. Repetitive, mechanical action helps you to focus on this moment.

Different shades of green have a calming and soothing effect. Besides them, you can also use shades of blue and violet .

With gel pens, you get intense colors easily. When coloring with gel pens, you have to make quite small strokes, which has a calming effect as well.

With alcohol markers, you get a smooth and beautiful surface, which helps to clear your mind.

Pens: Finecolour
Book: Mental Images vol 2


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