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Free printables for Christmas relaxation

Thursday 11/30/17 time 1:40 PM

Here are three free printable Xmas coloring pages for you. Use #paivivesala_art when sharing on Instagram to get featured.

Click the images below and print. Enjoy! :)

paivivesala-printable-coloringpage-0002_small.jpg paivivesala-printable-coloringpage-0009_small.jpg paivivesala-printable-coloringpage-0003_small.jpg

Do you want more FREE coloring pages to your mailbox?

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12/7/17 4:06 PM  Patricia Minski

Thanks for all those very nice coloring pictures!!! I love them!

12/7/17 10:50 PM  Päivi Vesala

Thank you Patricia for your kind words, that really means a lot to me <3 Enjoy!

12/8/17 1:19 PM  JustHeather

Thank you. These are lovely. My kids and I enjoy your coloring pages.

12/8/17 2:42 PM  Päivi Vesala

Thanks Heather! I'm so happy to hear that <3 Greetings from snowy Northern Finland to you and your kids! :)

12/11/17 3:30 AM  Kimberley Porter

These are great! I love your work!

12/22/17 1:17 AM  Päivi Vesala

Thank you so much Kimberley! I hope to see your colorings on social media <3

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