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Mental Color Palette 9 - Strengthen your intuition

Monday 5/8/17 time 9:46 AM

Would you like to use your intuition in your everyday life?

This is a fabulous color palette for evoking your intuition. We all have our intuitive capacity, but in this hard and rational world we sometimes forget to listen our subconscious minds.

These colors will relax and at the same time brighten your mind so that it is easier to get in touch with your deeper essence. These colors will help you to listen and trust your intuition. This palette is very spiritual and profound, and it can help you to reach the collective unconscious, a place of transcendental wisdom common to all humans.


Mental Color Palette 9 - Strengthen your intuition
Book: Mental Images vol 1 colouring book

This palette goes well with a detailed coloring picture. Concentrating wholly on coloring will strengthen the impact of this color palette. Let all your thoughts fly away and immerse yourself in these colors only.

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