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Mental Color Palette 6 - To heal your broken heart

Monday 4/24/17 time 5:33 PM

Have you recently or are you at the present going through some hard times in a relationship and feel your heart is broken?

This color palette is designed to comfort you and give you hope that you can survive through a difficult period of time. These colors will also give you joy, but in a very gentle way. They heal your heart and soul and strengthen your self-belief.

Coloring with this palette reminds you that you are precious and loved, no matter what the circumstances.


Mental Color Palette 6 - To heal your broken heart
Book: Mental Images vol 1 colouring book

Find a picture that you like and that is somewhat detailed. Flowers are good, because now you need something nice and beautiful in your life. This color palette is also very flowery so the combination of this palette and a flower coloring picture is a natural choice.

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