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Vivid background with circle technique

Monday 11/28/16 time 2:48 PM


Coloring a large area with alcohol marker might get very boring and irritating. Here is a technique to make it fun!

I did a background full of green circles, using just one color. Let the circles dry before drawing the next one. Thus, where the circles overlap, beautiful and soft darker shades will show.

The end result is nice and vibrant, and best of all, the coloring is relaxing when you do not have to worry about the color drying out.

The cherry blossom picture I made with same technique but I used three different colors.


Pens: Touchfive and Finecolour alcohol markers
Book: Mental Images vol 1

IMG_0094.JPG IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0302.JPG

Keywords: background, alcohol markers, Touchfive, Mental Images vol 1

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